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2016 - Year of Art!

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 11, 2016, 7:39 AM


This journal is mostly for my benefit and reflection.  I don't think I have too many active watchers, but to those that are active and to any new visitors: hi!  Most of my art "career" has been spent dabbling.  I do not and have not ever considered myself to be particularly great at the craft, nor have I really striven to push myself from my comfort zone.  I have certainly improved from where I started over the years, but I have never really reached a point where I have been truly satisfied with the things I create.  When Shan (GypsyCorset) suggested art improvement as our collective (with Jazzery) New Year's Resolution of sorts, it really resonated with me in a way that stuck.  Onwards and upwards from here--to progress!

To keep me motivated:
Ellody Side-by-Side by KeLou Art Over the Years: Flute Edition by KeLou Wren Progression by KeLou

Pose references used in my art, if used at all, can be found here.

Week 1: 01/01/2016-01/07/2016 > Compilation: Here (NSFW).

Week 2: 01/08/2016-01/14/2016 > Compilation: Here (NSFW).

Week 3: 01/15/2016-01/21/2016 > Compilation: Here (NSFW).

Week 4: 01/22/2016-01/28/2016 > Compilation: Here (NSFW).
- Week 4 was a bit of a challenge.  Towards the end I got a bit sick, so I didn't draw a whole lot, but I persevered!

Week 5: 01/29/2016-02/04/2016 > Compilation: Here (NSFW).

Week 6: 02/05/2016-02/11/2016 > Compilation: Here (NSFW).
- I am pretty proud of this week!  While there is still quite a ways for me to go, I can definitely see the improvement which is a huge deal for me.

Week 7: 02/12/2016-02/18/2016 > Compilation: Here (NSFW).
- This week I drew a male twice!  Tipped my toes in the water and it wasn't entirely terrible.  Progress!

Week 8: 02/19/2016-02/25/2016 > Compilation: Here (NSFW).

Week 9: 02/26/2016-03/03/2016 > Compilation: Here (NSFW).

Week 10: 03/04/2016-03/10/2016 > Compilation: Here (NSFW).
- Sketched a character for eccentrickal, hopefully I'll get a chance to color it!

Week 11: 03/11/2016-03/17/2016 > Compilation: Here (NSFW).

Week 12: 03/18/2016-03/24/2016 > Compilation: Here (NSFW).
- Moderately obsessed with Jordanna this week, but I suppose that isn't an entirely new thing.

Week 13: 03/25/2016-03/31/2016 > Compilation: Here (NSFW).
- Tried some things, drew a bunch.

Week 14: 04/01/2016-04/07/2016  > Compilation: Here (NSFW).
- Lots and lots and lots of practice this week.

Week 15: 04/08/2016-04/14/2016 > Compilation: Here (NSFW).  Too lazy to crop.

Week 16: 04/15/2016-04/21/2016 > Compilation: Here (NSFW).

Week 17: 04/22/2016-04/28/2016 > Compilation: Here (NSFW).

Week 18: 04/29/2016-05/05/2016 > Compilation: Here (NSFW).

Week 19: 05/06/2016-05/12/2016 > Compilation: Here (NSFW).

Week 20: 05/13/2016-05/19/2016 > Compilation: Done but not compiled because lazy.

Week 21: 05/20/2016-05/26/2016  > Compilation: Done but not compiled because lazy (again).  Playing too much Pokémon.

Week 22: 05/27/2016-06/02/2016  > Done!  This week was terrible art wise, so I probably will not upload a compilation image for this or the prior two weeks. 

Week 23: 06/03/2016-06/09/2016 > DONE

Week 24: 06/10/2016-06/16/2016 > DONE

Week 25: 06/17/2016-06/23/2016 > DONE

Week 26: 06/24/2016-06/30/2016 > DONE  I need to go back and compile but eh. 

Week 27: 07/01/2016-07/07/2016  > DONE

Week 28: 07/08/2016-07/14/2016 > DONE

Week 29: 07/15/2016-07/21/2016 > DONE

Week 30: 07/22/2016-07/28/2016 > DONE

Week 31: 07/29/2016-08/04/2016 > DONE

Week 32: 08/05/2016-08/11/2016 > DONE

Week 33: 08/12/2016-08/18/2016 > DONE

Week 34: 08/19/2016-08/25/2016 > DONE

Week 35: 08/26/2016-09/01/2016 > DONE

Week 36: 09/02/2016-09/08/2016 > DONE - Kinda.  Had a fairly significant hard drive failure and lost several weeks' worth of work, effectively killing my motivation.  I have sketched a little here and there but nothing major--slowly getting back in the saddle!

Week 37: 09/09/2016-09/15/2016 > DONE - Kinda.  Had a fairly significant hard drive failure and lost several weeks' worth of work, effectively killing my motivation.  I have sketched a little here and there but nothing major--slowly getting back in the saddle!

Week 38: 09/16/2016-09/22/2016 > DONE

Week 39 09/23/2016-09/29/2016 > DONE

Week 40: 09/30/2016-10/06/2016 > DONE

Week 41: 10/07/2016-10/13/2016 - In Progress > Compilation:

Week 42: 10/14/2016-10/20/2016 - In Progress > Compilation:

Week 43: 10/21/2016-10/27/2016 - In Progress > Compilation:

Week 44: 10/28/2016-11/03/2016 - In Progress > Compilation:

Week 45: 11/04/2016-11/10/2016 - In Progress > Compilation:

Week 46: 11/11/2016-11/17/2016 - In Progress > Compilation:

Week 47: 11/18/2016-11/24/2016 - In Progress > Compilation:

Week 48: 11/25/2016-12/01/2016 - In Progress > Compilation:

Week 49: 12/02/2016-12/08/2016 - In Progress > Compilation:

Week 50: 12/09/2016-12/15/2016 - In Progress > Compilation:

Week 51: 12/16/2016-12/22/2016 - In Progress > Compilation:

Week 52: 12/23/2016-12/30/2016 - In Progress > Compilation:

DAY 366: 12/31/16 - Final day.  Slot belongs to GypsyCorset since she called dibs.

Also, there's a fairly good chance that I will need characters to draw in the future once I exhaust all of my characters and those of my friends.  If you're not opposed to having your characters used for practice (girls only for now--guys are a whole other can of worms for me right now, unless they're effeminate!), then please fill out the following as detailed as possible below:

Note/Disclaimer/What-have-you: Visual references are especially helpful, especially when used in unison with written.  Failure to provide and describe accurate references MAY result in inaccurate results.  Since these images will be free for you and practice for me, edits will be minor or nonexistent unless I am not happy with how something turned out.  Filling out the form below does not guarantee that you will get art.  I also reserve the right to decide whether or not it is just a sketch, flat colors, or full colors.  You must provide the pose--I will not choose a character that does not come with a pose already chosen.  Complaining (other than helpful critique) about the final result will get you blacklisted.  You can post as many different characters as you like.  I will choose based on what inspires me at the time.

  * Character Name:
  * Species:
  * Eye Color:
  * Hair Color/Length:
  * Hair Style:

  * Body Shape: Visual references preferred for this, but you're more than welcome to describe it so long as you're detailed!
  * Skin/Fur Color: Color swatches help a great deal here.
  * Markings/Color: If applicable.  Refers to markings or scarring.
  * Ears: For example, if elven: how long/pointed are they?  If anthro, are they pointed/rounded/floppy, etc.?
  * Accessories:
  * References:
However many accurate references you feel best capture your character.
  * Pose: Very important!  One of the requirements to be considered is that you include a pose reference of your choosing.  The pose CANNOT be another artist's artwork, it must be a photograph.  SenshiStock has great poses, but I'm sure there are other deviants with stock poses for you to choose from as well.


Art I'm waiting on:
- Surprisingly nothing. Go me!



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